Yacht for sale

Our long expertise at sea will do the job for you in delivering the most suitable yacht for sale that you will choose from our portfolio.

Our portfolio which contains numerous international brand names which are custom design, pre-owned or newly built yacht for sale.
Our portfolio is quite simple Yet, we have more yachts than we have shown in our portfolio, we do not show all the yachts for sale and gulets we have to offer in order for you not to be confused with thousands of choices yacht for sale that you will be shown upon request since the smaller and the more adecuate choices there are, the easier for you make a desicion. yachts for sale

This means that in case you do not find your eye catching design, you can always call us via phone or contact by e-mail to tell us about what exactly you might be looking for and we will definitely locate the most suitable yacht for sale for you amongst available yachts.

Yacht for sale

We offer luxury gulets built with epoxy laminated mahogany wood, motor yachts and sailing yachts built out of high tensile steel and/or marine grade aluminum alloys.

Yacht for salewe are one of the most prominent yacht brokerage company in Turkey with large numbers of inquiries about chartering and selling Turkish gulets, motor sailing yachts, and motor yacht for sale which are offered in our website.

we have hundreds of successful sales in different parts of the world such as Greece, Italy, Croatia, Spain, Thailand, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, France, Maldives, Seychelles, the United States and many other countries yacht for sale which are suitable for private or commercial use.

Turkish gulets have spacious interiors and are very stable with their long and heavy keel also using advanced technologies to compete with luxury motor yachts. not to mention Turkish gulets are considerable cheaper when compared with modern day motor sailers and motoryachts.

luxury amenities are commonly used in this new generation gulets, yacht for sale.